News Bytes

Abrams Planetarium at Mighigan State University Upgrade

7/31/2014 9:36:20 PM UTC - The Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University is upgrading their old Digistar II theater to a new Digistar 5 system. Take a look at some of their photos as they prepare for their new installation.

8K Digistar 5 in the News

7/30/2014 6:18:59 PM UTC - Our 8K Digistar 5 system at the Science Museum of Virginia has been in the news! Please see the PDF reprint of the article in the Planetarian magazine and click the link to the online article from InPark Magazine.

What's New in the Cloud?

7/28/2014 7:57:16 PM UTC - What's new in the cloud? We have just shared a model for comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Comet 67P is the target for the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission, set for arrival later this year. This model is free for all Digistar 5 users with Cloud access.

Digistar 5 Demo @ 2014 WAC Conference

7/24/2014 8:02:48 PM UTC - Attending the 2014 WAC Conference? Come see our demo of the latest Digistar 5 features tonight in the planetarium.

2014 WAC Conference

7/23/2014 5:49:27 PM UTC - This week we are at the 2014 WAC Conference hosted by the Planetarium at the University of Texas at Arlington. Their theater features a Digistar 5 system with DLP projectors. We hope to see you there!

What's New in the Cloud?

7/23/2014 5:42:30 PM UTC - What's new in the Cloud? The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery has shared an interactive full dome game called Photo Taboo! Players guess an image on the dome behind them using clues from the audience. But the audience can't use any of the forbidden phrases in their clues. Search for Photo Taboo! in the Digistar Cloud Library and download it today. It's totally free for all Digistar 5 sites with Cloud access.

2014 IPS Conference Photos

7/2/2014 10:36:48 PM UTC -

Mediendom der Fachhochschule Kiel Digistar 5 Upgrade

7/2/2014 10:34:53 PM UTC - We just upgraded the dome and computer lab at Mediendom der Fachhochschule Kiel to Digistar 5. Planetarium Hamburg and Kiel will be hosting the 2014 DUG meeting later this year in September.

2014 IPS Conference

6/25/2014 6:00:27 PM UTC - We have been at the 2014 IPS Conference this week showing off some of the great new features in Digistar 5. Be sure to visit our booth in the Exhibition Hall to see them in person. The conference runs until Friday the 27th.

Association of Fulldome Innovators

6/16/2014 4:03:34 PM UTC - At the 2014 IMERSA Summit in March, key stakeholders in specialty cinema discussed the convergence taking place between giant-screen film domes and digital dome theaters (aka fulldome theaters, or digital planetariums). The dialog moved representatives of leading fulldome system providers Sky-Skan, SCISS and Evans & Sutherland to form a new special interest group: AFDI, the Association of Fulldome Innovators. Read more here.

8K Fulldome Production

6/13/2014 3:18:14 PM UTC - Our friends and Digistar clients at the National Space Centre in Leicester, UK have written an excellent blog article to explore “8K” from a production perspective and have done a great analysis of the cost and benefit of creating content at 8K resolution.

2014 IPS Conference

6/11/2014 5:42:25 PM UTC - The 2014 International Planetarium Society conference starts in less than 2 weeks on June 23rd. We are excited to show off the new Digistar 5 features including the Digistar Cloud Library. In addition to our demos in the dome we will have a booth at the trade show. We hope to see you there!

IPS Macao International Fulldome Festival

6/4/2014 6:45:52 PM UTC - We are about a week away from the IPS Macao International Fulldome Festival. Several fulldome films that we distribute will be in the official competition, including our own, Ancient Skies, Ancient Mysteries film. Hope to see you in Macao, and then onto IPS in Beijing!

Cosmic Adventure

5/28/2014 9:30:10 PM UTC - The trailer for our latest fulldome production, Cosmic Adventure, is now up on our online show catalog.

What's New in the Cloud?

5/28/2014 9:27:08 PM UTC - What's new in the Digistar Cloud Library? If you missed the Camelopardalis meteor shower over the weekend, you can simulate it in your dome with the Camelopardalis Meteor Shower script shared by the University of Montana. Just hit the Cloud button in the latest version of Digistar 5 and click download. And watch this space as we highlight other exciting content shared by Digistar users around the globe.

2014 Ecsite Conference

5/21/2014 5:31:03 PM UTC - This week we will be presenting Digistar 5 in our booth at the 2014 Ecsite Conference in The Hague, Netherlands. The conference runs through Saturday. We hope you'll stop by if you are attending the conference!

Cosmic Adventure at the 2014 Jena FullDome Festival

5/14/2014 7:25:33 PM UTC - The Jena FullDome Festival starts next week. Our latest production, Cosmic Adventure, will be presented on Friday night. Cosmic Adventure joins about 20 other films included for consideration in the festival. We hope to see you there!

Symposium of Planetariums Wrap-up

5/7/2014 7:28:49 PM UTC - At the Symposium of Planetariums in Lucerne, Switzerland, we officially presented the new release of Digistar 5, featuring Cloud connectivity, Scene Snapshots, JavaScript, and more! Attendees from the French, German, and Italian planetarium associations saw our demo on the new Digistar 5 8K system at Verkehrshaus der Schweiz. Thanks to Daniel Schlup and his team at the planetarium for hosting a great conference. It was great to see old friends again and meet new ones.

Digistar 5 Spring Release

5/7/2014 7:27:55 PM UTC - Thanks for all the great feedback from our beta test sites. We are incorporating your responses into the official Digistar 5 spring software release. This update, free to all Digistar 5 users under warranty or a service contract, will be released by the end of May!

Introducing the Digistar Cloud Library

5/5/2014 5:04:01 PM UTC - We have been working on some great new features in Digistar 5 and can't wait to show them off! Digistar 5 is now Cloud enabled. It has never been easier to create and share content than with the Digistar Cloud Library. We also have made things easier for both beginners and power users with our new features in Show Builder and our powerful new script editor.