Spitz Domes and Architectural Structures

Spitz is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evans & Sutherland and is located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. We offer three types of domes to meet the technical and budget needs for all clients:

  • Standard Lap Seam
  • Premium Seam™ Dome
  • NanoSeam™ Dome

State-of-the-art projection requires a state-of-the-art dome. With five decades of experience and over 1,200 installations worldwide, Spitz is the world leader in planetarium projection domes. Spitz' superior domes are the choice of the most the most discriminating planetarium clients because of our unparalleled quality and customer support.

Spitz Dome Spitz projection domes are used for planetariums, large format film theaters, simulators and themed attractions. Prestigious clients such as The Griffith Observatory, Disney, Imax, Zeiss, Universal Studios and Volkswagen choose Spitz for their quality and unmatched surface characteristics.

Spitz' strict attention to detail results in superior optical performance, dome acoustics, structural strength and tolerances compared to other dome manufacturers. Experience and expertise allow Spitz to turn the most innovative concepts into reality.

Premium Seam

Premium Seams, combined with Spitz' proprietary powder-coated dome panels, provide a high quality dome screen. Powder coating ensures a uniform and durable surface unattainable by any other method - adding greater value for the customer and their audiences over the lifetime of the dome.


As display systems become more advanced, customers require an advanced projection surface. For the most demanding applications, Spitz offers NanoSeam, a revolutionary improvement in dome screen technology. NanoSeam is the result of years of engineering, and provides the smoothest, most uniform surface available.


The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, California is a 23 meter 165 degree NanoSeam dome installed in 2008.


Each Spitz dome is engineered to withstand design loads (dead, live, seismic) according to the local vicinity in which they are installed. The dome's aluminum structural supports are shown in the foreground. The interior of the dome is illuminated by 16 bit-controlled LED lamps with per-foot control.


Gates Planetarium in Denver, Colorado is a 17 meter Premium Seam dome installed in 2002.


A dome under construction with only the structural frame work in place. Next installers will carefully apply the powder coated screen panels to finish the projection surface.