Digistar Virtual Projectors Plug-in for Adobe After Effects®

The Digistar Virtual Projectors Plug-in is a low-cost, software-only solution for creating pre-rendered scenes with "virtual projectors" (slides and video in windows all across the dome) for playback on Digistar. Available for Windows or Mac OS.

  • Use the incredible flexibility and power of After Effects to create images on the planetarium dome.
  • Allows users to create a fulldome video version of an entire traditional slide show presentation in one package.
  • Use After Effects to easily synchronize images and audio in a single work environment
  • Output fulldome video files directly from After Effects (with additional MPEG video plug-ins.)
  • Move (slew), zoom and rotate distorted images over time
  • Work with an unlimited number of distorted images and video clips on the dome at any time - no need to worry about managing models, textures, and graphics card memory
  • Adobe After Effects supports a wide range of image file formats, video formats, and vector image formats.


  • Apply dome pre-distortion to images and video within After Effects
  • Create fulldome video master frames directly from After Effects
  • Create stills for traditional all-sky slide systems

Adobe After Effects® CS5 requires a 64-bit operating system.


Digistar Offline Production Systems

In some cases it may be useful to have an offline Digistar production environment separate from the presentation theater. Evans & Sutherland offers three different options providing a variety of features and price-points.

Digistar Software Suite

It is possible to purchase the Digistar Software Suite separately for use on an existing PC that meets the Digistar hardware specifications. The Digistar Software Suite contains the same Digistar software that is installed on a full theater system, but realtime performance will depend on the exact PC hardware selected.

Digistar Workstation

This option includes the Digistar Software Suite pre-installed on carefully selected PC hardware. A suite of third-party video and animation software is available as an option. A Digistar Workstation is fully warranted and eligible for ongoing Evans & Sutherland Service & Support maintenance. Some PC components of a Digistar workstation are cross-compatible with those in the presentation theater and may serve as potential spare parts.

Digistar Producer

This option provides 1:1 compatibility with the Digistar theater in terms of both hardware and software performance. A Digistar Producer system includes a low-height three PC cabinet and the Digistar Software Suite. The Producer system is designed to let creative professionals design and build complete fulldome shows outside of their presentation theater. Note that E&S also offers render farm solutions for the Digistar Producer.

  • Single low-height computer rack with three PCs (Host, Audio and Image Generator)
  • Dual Console Monitors
  • Digistar Software Suite (Production Software optional)
  • Producer PC hardware may be utilized as theater spares