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E&S Laser Projector (ESLP)

For customers interested in 4K x 4K fulldome projection technology from a single fisheye projector, E&S offers our laser video projection system for Digistar 4 fulldome theaters.

E&S Laser Technology

E&S® uses proprietary continuous wave lasers that employ technology common to telecommunications systems. Continuous wave lasers do not have the potentially damaging high power densities of pulsed lasers. The light exiting the projector is spread out, keeping the density very low and ensuring that the Digistar ESLP is as safe as any projector of comparable brightness. In addition, the Digistar ESLP has a number of built-in safety interlocks that turn off the output in the event of malfunction.

The Digistar ESLP requires no special power supply, and produces relatively little heat and noise. And, because E&S lasers are based on telecommunications technology, they are inherently reliable. The laser projector has typical solid state electronics' lifetime.

Grating Light Valve Technology

The Digistar ESLP takes advantage of Grating Light Valve (GLV) Technology, which was originally developed at Stanford University and later expanded for commercial applications by a company called Silicon Light Machines. E&S owns the exclusive rights to this patented technology for domed theater and simulation applications.

The GLV provides an advantage over other technologies currently used in laser projection systems. Other systems use polygonal mirrors to scan light horizontally, which limits the resolution to the speed at which the mirrors can spin. With GLV, light is diffracted over thousands of closely spaced parallel ribbons that can be displaced at very high rates, allowing the possibility of much greater resolution.

Digistar ESLP Single Projector (Theater Center)
  • One projector mounted in center of theater
  • Projector may be configured with one or two light source modules
  • 2,000 ANSI standard lumens for each light source (a light source is a set of red, green, and blue lasers)
  • Up to 4,000 x 4,000 resolution
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 631 nm, 532 nm, 448 nm lasers (red, green, blue)
  • ~ 6 W for each laser
  • Projector footprint: 37 in. W x 37 in. D (94 cm X 94 cm)
  • Operating temperature range: 62 ºF - 72 ºF (17 ºC - 22 ºC)
  • Operating humidity range: 30% - 50% (noncondensing)
  • Total power requirements: 100 - 240 V ac, single phase, one circuit
  • Total power consumption: 1 kW per light source module
  • Total heat dissipation: 1,700 BTU/hr

E&S Digistar 4 Spherical Theater

In 2005, E&S in conjunction with GOTO Inc. designed the world's first completely spherical theater with 360 seamless projection on the interior. This system uses 12 video projectors and can be scaled to a size that meets the client's requirements. The spherical structure is self-supporting and can function as a standalone attraction or can be integrated into a larger exhibit or themed entertainment space.

See Digistar 4 Spherical Theater in Action

A view inside the E&S Laser Projector


One E&S Laser Projector can produce 4K x 4K fulldome resolution


Inside the Digistar 4 Spherical Theater