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About Digistar II

The World's First Digital Star Projector Made Better

Digistar® introduced the world to the digital planetarium, and in 1994 Digistar II brought a dramatically smaller form factor, greater computational power and flexibility, and brighter, sharper stars. Today, Digistar II continues to enchant and educate audiences of all ages in planetariums around the world, and Digistar II offers much more than digital 3D stars: it provides a complete range of planetarium effects.

Digistar II can be integrated with other projection, automation, and sound system equipment through a standard SMPTE interface. Its three primary components, the operator workstation, the graphics processor, and the calligraphic projector, fit easily into existing theaters. Digistar II can project images onto conventional or tilted domes as small as 20 feet or as large as 76 feet in diameter. Digistar II gives you the power to make your presentations soar to new heights in imagery and realism.

The Digistar II system offers several unique features:

  • Adaptable: Digistar II can be installed in new or existing planetariums
  • Superior 3D Graphics Capability: leading-edge technology calculates the projected images
  • Unmatched Special Effects: dynamic proper motion - travel through 3D space - nebulous objects like the Milky Way and M42 - constellation lines that connect stars in 3D space - ability to render real-time "flip book" animation
  • Storage: store several shows at a time
  • Compact: no special computer room
  • Easy to Update: upward and downward compatibility of Digistar II models and shows
  • Smart: sophisticated phosphor-protection algorithm to protect projector and CRT
  • Imagery/Special Effects Library: The Digistar Users Group embraced the Digistar II system, converting all original Digistar sequences to DII format and expanding the library to contain thousands of models and sequences, even full-length shows.
Digistar II projector

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