Latest Digistar Features

Explore these exciting new features included in the latest release of Digistar 6

Advanced Terrain Engine

Experience vastly more detailed elevation data for improved realism. Earth, Moon, and Mars datasets updated and improved as well as datasets for other planets and moons. High resolution up-to-date imagery can be mapped and layered onto terrain from live web-based imagery services.

Black Hole Rendering

Witness the accurate gravitational lensing effect of Schwarzschild black holes. Anything behind the black hole will be distorted, and characteristic effects such as Einstein rings can be seen.

Unity3D Plugin

You can stream content built in Unity3D into your dome theater. A single script attached to a scene camera will stream the scene in a format that can be rendered across the dome.

Improved Earth Textures

Explore Earth's color and topographical textures with higher resolutions and more accurate, dramatic colors.

Image of Hubble Tuning Fork Volumes

Hubble Tuning Fork Volumes

Discover new galaxy volume models in Digistar that represent the Hubble Tuning Fork galaxy classification scheme.

Navigation Enhancements

Fly down and explore the surface of planets with an Xbox controller. Navigation will automatically, and seamlessly, synchronize its motion with a spinning planet as you descend to the surface.


Data2Dome provides direct links to the latest information from various astronomical education and public outreach offices, plus curated events appear on a calendar, giving you more options for timely content to share with your audiences.

Interactive Dome View Drawing

You can draw directly on the dome with your mouse, either with the freehand drawing tool or the straight-line tool. No laser pointers needed!

Desktop Streaming

Digistar can now stream imagery "live" from the main PC desktop directly to the dome. This allows Power Point presentations, YouTube videos, or anything you can display on the computer screen to appear in a window on the dome.

STEAM Content

There are more STEAM Library items in Digistar than ever before. You have a wealth of non-astronomical modules to share with your audiences, including an interactive Periodic Table of the Elements and much more.