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A New Approach to Fulldome 3D

Every Digistar system has the amazing ability to process realtime graphics in our patented fulldome Spherical 3D® stereo, making the entire dome an immersive 3D environment when combined with a compatible 3D fulldome display. Other systems can only display stereo in the front of the dome. E&S’ exclusive technology and partnerships provide show producers with powerful software to create pre-rendered 3D scenes that jump off the screen in every direction, for an unforgettable experience.

Active Stereo

This method uses one set of projectors to display video that runs at up to 120 Hz from two separate (left and right) video streams at a rate of 60 Hz per eye. Glasses with LCD shutters that are timed to the frame rate of the video, blank one eye at a time to produce stereo imagery. Glasses contain electronics and batteries, but still can be machine washed.


This method uses two sets of projectors to display the 3D image. One set of projectors displays the left eye image and the other displays the right eye image. Using a set of filters in the projectors, the left eye image shows the lower frequencies of the RGB colors and the right eye image shows the upper frequencies of the RGB colors. Filters in the passive (non-electronic) glasses cancel the right image in the left eye and vice versa. The combined images re-join both halves of the RGB colors, providing full color fidelity and the full brightness of a single set of projectors.


Every Digistar system is capable of presenting “cheap and dirty” red and blue Anaglyph stereo with real-time computer graphics: all that is needed is a number of inexpensive cardboard glasses to see this stereo effect. It is a great way to show investors the potential of fulldome stereo without going to the expense of purchasing a theater-quality stereo fulldome system, but it is not a professional solution for fulldome stereo.