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Redefining the Dome Experience

For more than five years, Evans & Sutherland has pursued the next giant step forward for the world’s planetariums and Giant Dome Cinemas. The culmination of this research and development is DomeX: the first fully operational LED planetarium in the world.

For astronomy simulation, DomeX delivers truly black night skies and pinpoint stars. For fulldome shows and Giant Dome Cinema, DomeX brings rich, deep, and accurate colors, and brightness and contrast levels projection cannot approach.

To truly appreciate this revolution in dome theater display, you need to see it for yourself. That’s why we’ve built a 20-meter DomeX dome as the centerpiece of the Cosm Experience Center at our Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters.

DomeX: The New Standard

• Extreme Contrast

The matte-black surface of DomeX eliminates cross reflections in the dome, dramatically increasing contrast. As the LEDs can turn completely off, with DomeX cinematic black levels and planetarium night skies are truly black.

• Extreme Brightness

Long the industry standard, a typical giant screen cinema projection produces a brightness level of approximately four foot-lamberts. The combined output of the million of DomeX LED pixels is more than ten times brighter.

• Extreme Resolution

DomeX delivers true 8K resolution, or more than 67 million individually-addressed pixels across the face of the screen. The resolution of DomeX is determined by the total number of LEDs in the display, and can be tailored to specific customer needs.

• Extreme Lifespan

DomeX introduces a new level of projection simplicity, as the instant-on LED panels require little maintenance over the 100,000-hour lifespan.

DomeX displaying a field of tulips

20m 8K DomeX demonstrator at the Cosm Experience Center

Cosm Experience Center

The Cosm Experience Center is both a demonstration and an R&D facility. The unique theater geometry is representational of a hypersphere planetarium dome, flying-style attraction ride, interactive amphitheater, and even a cutting-edge virtual film production studio.

The DomeX screen is driven by Digistar 7, E&S’s premiere real-time planetarium and playback engine. Key components of Digistar have been tailored to work directly with the custom-designed LED modules to deliver best in class image quality.

Spitz Engineering has designed the dome structure to allow panel alignment down to the width of human hair and still maintain easy access and removal of panels, if necessary. Teams at E&S and Spitz continue to research and innovate within the LED theater space, driving the future of LED display technology.

DomeX Structure by
Spitz Engineering


The dome technology leader makes DomeX as good on the outside as it is on the inside


Supporting every DomeX is a superior structure designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled by Spitz, the world’s leader in display domes, with over 2,000 dome installations worldwide.

The precision of this support framework is truly remarkable — LED panels can be positioned to a tolerance of just .004 inches (0.1mm), approximately the width of a strand of human hair.

DomeX: Powered By

Digistar 7 logo

The world’s best planetarium software
for the world’s best planetarium


Since the 1980s, Digistar has been the industry-leading planetarium software platform. Whether it’s access to countless astronomical databases, high-resolution terrain maps, 3-D models, or the worldwide community of Digistar planetariums, the software offers up the Universe with a few button clicks.

Digistar is also a powerful multipurpose tool that can demonstrate many other subjects in the dome space, including biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, history, art, and much more. The only limit to what you can teach in a DomeX is your imagination.

DomeX displaying a field of tulips

See DomeX Now!

… or, as soon as circumstances permit safe travel for you. We’re now offering DomeX demonstrations at the Cosm Experience Center, with full accommodations for all federal and state COVID-19 guidelines.

It’s real. It’s spectacular. And we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself.

DomeX LED Dome displaying galaxies