I left Italy to see DomeX in China with some reservations. I’ve never seen a big LED panel good enough to be considered for an 8K dome. I really didn’t know what to expect but all doubts disappeared as soon as DomeX was switched on. The image was so good it exceeded all my expectations!

The brightness and resolution are incredible but what really stood apart was the contrast. It has an excellent, totally black background that colors pop off of. For the first time, star color is easy to discern and the colors of nebulae and galaxies are beautiful. I think DomeX easily sets a new standard in the planetarium market.

Marco Cosmacini
European Representative of E&S
Udine, Italy

I have been handling display products since 1990, everything from CRT to the latest 4k laser projectors. What I saw at the DomeX demo was unbelievable. This is the future of dome displays and DomeX is the perfect configuration for Planetariums. You have the best black level and contrast for star field projection with very high resolution. Full dome video is crisp, clear with fantastic color depth.

It’s too good – this is the projection quality that we have been waiting for!

Abhijit Shetye – Managing Director
Infovision Technologies
Mumbai, India

DomeX has an amazing image quality impact. Its instantly captivating and hard to look away. For the first time you can have it all – brightness and contrast together. DomeX will impress even the most critical planetarian.

Scott A. Niskach – Director of International Sales
Evans & Sutherland
Salt Lake City, Utah