Total Eclipse 2024

Welcome to your one-stop destination for planetarium programming and teaching for this year’s total eclipse on April 8th. You’ll find new Digistar control panels, immersive films, the latest eclipse Digistar Cloud content, and celebratory events hosted by our global Digistar Planetarium community.

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2024 Eclipse Control Panel Page

How do Eclipses Work?

Teach your audiences how eclipses work using our latest Control Panel, designed with Dr. Carlos Miranda at the P-Tech Planetarium in Paterson, NJ. A valuable tool for teachers to engage students while exploring the phases of the Moon, the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, and why eclipses occur, this control panel is equipped with engaging visuals and photographs, buttons to explore phases of the moon, shows expectations for the view of the eclipsed sky on April 8, 2024, and more. Aligned with NGSS standards, this control panel is structured to allow teachers to pause and answer questions for continued insightful discussions.

Community Collaboration

Digistar represents a vibrant and dynamic community of thousands of planetarians throughout more than 700 active sites. In the pursuit of creating meaningful and impactful audience experiences, we provide the tools for active collaboration amongst the global Digistar community to foster science communication and inspire generations of today and tomorrow.

Carlos Miranda, Ed.D Planetarium at P-Tech

As the Planetarium Manager at the Paterson P-Tech High School Planetarium, Carlos Miranda spearheaded the transformation of the venue, from optomechanical to state-of-the-art fulldome digital, ensuring unparalleled immersive experiences for audiences. Amidst this renovation, Miranda piloted a five-meter portable planetarium traversing the school district and local community and amplifying outreach efforts to foster a deeper understanding of science across the city. Witnessing the wonder and fascination of participants and students enveloped in the cosmos serves as a catalyst for Miranda’s dedication to scientific discovery and accessible education, providing engaging and impactful activities, and empowering individuals to embrace the wonders of the universe.

Digistar Cloud Content



The abridged edition of “Eclipseopedia” includes all previous functionality found in the Digistar default control panel page – eclipse paths, labeling, and views from space and ground for maximum totality – but also includes capabitilies that support engaging live and interactive eclipse presentations, including zoom and time toggles.

Solar Eclipse Shadow Ridealong

Science Museum of Virginia – Justin Bartel

Solar Eclipse Shadow Ridealong

Chaffee Planetarium at Grand Rapids Public Museum – John Foerch

Solar Eclipse Shadow Ridealong

Strasenburgh Planetarium – Steve Fentress & Joe Ricci

Coronal Prediction for April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Science Museum of Virgina – Justin Bartel

More information on each item can be found in the Digistar Cloud.


Fulldome Shows


Eclipse: The Sun Revealed

The Great American Eclipse is coming… and with it comes the next addition to the Sudekum Planetarium’s robust catalog of shows: Eclipse: The Sun Revealed. Don’t miss sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your visitors!

This fulldome show covers the historical, cultural, and scientific views of solar eclipses, and gets audiences ready for the Great American Eclipse of 2024.

Community Events


Alder Planetarium – Total solar eclipse to cross US soon. This Illinois spot will have one of the best views

UTA Planetarium – Join us on the UTA campus to watch and celebrate the total eclipse on April 8th, 2024

Rochester Museum and Science Center: RMSC will hold three-day festival ahead of total solar eclipse

Science Center of Iowa – 
In collaboration with the Drake Municipal Observatory, Science Center of Iowa will host an eclipse viewing party with solar telescopes and activities.  

Planetarium Hamburg – Planetarium Director Dr. Björn Voss is traveling to Mexico to capture a telescopic view of the total eclipse. Keep an eye out for more information on the live stream he will be broadcasting, consisting of a 360° feed with a telescopic inset.

More info coming soon. Technology testing is in progress, day-of reliability may vary.

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