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We’re glad we could join you virtually this year, and we look forward to seeing you all in person in 2022!


Here’s what’s new at Evans & Sutherland

Digistar 7 New Features

We launched Digistar 7 last year, with powerful new features supporting virtual presentations, as well as enhancing the under-the-dome experience, including:

  • Show Builder
  • Sky Surveys
  • Sky ID
  • Enhanced Clouds
  • Interactive User Manual
  • 360 Streaming
  • and much more

Kevin Scott offers an overview of new features in Digistar 7

DomeX at the Cosm Experience Center

We built this first-of-its-kind DomeX LED Dome demonstrator at our Salt Lake City headquarters, and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself!

Project LaunchPad

To support your planetarium’s reopening efforts after COVID-19 closures, we’ll be offering a collection of free resources, marketing training, and fulldome content later in 2021.

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Fulldome Show Licensing

We gave you a look at the newest fulldome shows available for licensing from us.

Spitz Projection Domes Featuring NanoSeam

 The world’s leading projection domes from Spitz are available with a variety of seam treatments and perforation schedules suitable for any project requirements.

Spitz Dome panel with standard perforation schedule

Standard Perforation

1.5875mm (0.0625″) diameter
3.175mm (0.125″) staggered pitch
23 percent void

Spitz dome panel with micro perforation schedule

Micro Perforation

1.143 mm (0.045″) diameter
2.286mm (0.090″) staggered pitch
23 percent void

Spitz dome panel with lap seams

Lap Seam

Overlapping projection panels in two axes.

Spitz dome panel with Premium Seam process

Premium Seam

Overlapping projection panels in the longitudinal axis.

Spitz Dome panels with NanoSeam process


No overlapping panels for the highest quality projection surface.

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Estelle Pacalon

Show Distribution & Sales Manager

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E&S technician examines a DomeX LED Dome panel

An E&S technician examines a DomeX LED Dome panel at the Cosm Experience Center