The Evans & Sutherland Auto Alignment and Auto Blending systems automatically provide multi projector alignment, color blending and brightness matching to ensure the system looks as seamless as possible. This proprietary system is fully integrated into the Digistar 5 software. We offer two versions of the hardware / software solution to meet the needs of planetarium professionals:


  • AutoAlign
  • AutoAlign + AutoBlend

Auto Alignment Demonstration

Hardware and Software

  • Integrated into Digistar 5 software – Custom proprietary E&S developed software and algorithms operate within the Digistar 5 system so there is no need to run multiple programs
  • Works with all projector types and configurations
  • One button operation
  • AutoAlign alignment time is typically less than 5 minutes
  • AutoBlend calibration time is typically less than 10 minutes
  • AutoAlign projector to projector alignment is less than ±1/2 pixel
  • Automatic calibration for AutoBlend includes:
    • Brightness uniformity across multiple projectors
    • Gamma matching between projectors
    • Edge blending

The Auto Blending Experience

The before and after images below are from completely unretouched photographs taken directly from our dome.