June 17, 2016 — Evans & Sutherland (E&S) and Skypoint Planetariums are excited to announce Digistar Lite for portable planetariums and dome theaters. Now portable domes can have the Difference of Digistar at their fingertips.

“E&S has offered a Digistar based portable system for several years. We have now teamed with Skypoint, our partner and European representative, to design a complete product for portable domes. Skypoint has sold systems to this market for the past ten years. a new portable system platform and packaging has been designed from the ground up. Combined with the Digistar software, this platform is a great value for our portable customers,” said, Kirk Johnson, Vice President & General Manager, E&S.

“Skypoint has sold more than 100 portable planetarium systems in the last ten years. We understand this market and the unique needs and desires of our customers. Three years ago, we started selling Digistar systems to larger planetariums in Europe and the region. Our portable customers were asking for more software and system features. It quickly became clear that our customers in the portable market wanted the power and capability that Digistar offers. We worked with the dedicated team and E&S to make this happen,” said Marco Cosmacini, CEO, Skypoint.

In addition to designing the portable packaging and platform, Skypoint has also designed a clever, unique hand-held interface for use with Digistar Lite. It combines the remote touch capability of an iPad, flight capability of an Xbox controller and other intuitive input features. This controller will be made available as an option for all Digistar customers.

The Digistar Lite for portable planetariums will be available through E&S in the USA and Canada; Skypoint in Europe and surrounding areas; and throughout the rest of the world via E&S and Skypoint local agents and distributors. Please contact E&S or Skypoint for addition information and pricing.