September 22, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT. Evans & Sutherland (ESCC) is proud to announce that they have concluded a distribution deal with The Stephen Low Company to make films from their library available to E&S digital dome theaters and AEOS Theaters worldwide.

“Stephen Low is a master filmmaker for the giant screen, and we have been in discussion with him about bringing his work to digital dome theaters for some time. Stephen attended our shootout between 8K digital dome and 1570 film in Richmond, Virginia in 2014, and our plans have developed from there. This week, we inked a deal, and I couldn’t be more delighted,” said Michael Daut, Creative Director/Marketing Director for E&S.

“Our collaboration with Evans and Sutherland and their extensive network of theaters and their new high quality AEOS display system opens up exciting new venues for our productions and offers new ways for audiences to experience them. We’re very excited about our partnership,” said Pietro L Serapiglia, VP of The Stephen Low Company.

The first film to become available under this agreement is Rocky Mountain Express, hailed as an instant classic for the giant screen and a winner of numerous GSCA awards. As an industry first, Rocky Mountain Express has been scanned from the original 1570 film in 8K x 6K resolution, and will be mastered for the AEOS display system in digital 8K, offering an unprecedented level of detail.

The next film to be released under this partnership is Stephen’s latest film, The Trolley that Saves the World, that will have its first industry screening at the GSCA Conference next week in Chicago, IL.

The trailer for Rocky Mountain Express will be shown on an AEOS display system at a special GSCA event in St. Louis, MO on October 12, and then again at the ASTC Conference at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA on October 24.