June 15, 2016 — Evans & Sutherland (E&S) will introduce Digistar 6, it’s latest release of the world renowned Digistar digital planetarium/digital dome system at the International Planetarium Society (IPS) Conference in Warsaw, Poland on June 20, 2016. E&S invented the digital planetarium system, Digistar, in the early 1980s and has been the leading supplier of quality fulldome digital planetarium systems since its introduction.

Digistar is a fully integrated digital planetarium that combines ultra-high resolution fulldome video playback with a wealth of real-time digital 3D content, covering astronomy, a range of sciences, and artistic content. Since the introduction of Digistar 5, four years ago, E&S has sold more than one Digistar fulldome system every two weeks.

This news release is the first in a series of stories to be release over the next 6 days leading up to the premier of Digistar 6 at the 2016 IPS conference. E&S is calling this “Six Days of Digistar 6”.

Ben Buckwalter, E&S Software Engineering Manager said, “Digistar 6 is built upon the feedback and suggestions from our Digistar customers. Their passion for the system and their insight as users is the backbone and strength of our software. We have an incredible staff that is dedicated to providing powerful content and innovative features that are easy to learn and use. We owe the success of Digistar to our worldwide community of users, and we can’t wait to unveil and demo the cutting-edge new features in the system to our community and their audiences.”