June 16, 2016 — Evans & Sutherland (E&S) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) are pleased to announce that ESO has selected the E&S Digistar system for their ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre scheduled for opening in November 2017. ESO has selected Digistar as the development and distribution platform for the Data2Dome initiative which ESO is spearheading, and is supported by IPS’s Data and Visualization task force. This close collaboration with ESO will allow E&S to be the first to deliver news and data to Digistar planetariums world-wide on a daily basis. ESO will actively take part in the Digistar Cloud Library by sharing fulldome movies and other planetarium content on a continuous basis. ESO will also provide quarterly Domecasting events to Digistar customers worldwide.

Lars Lindberg Christensen, Head of ESO’s Education & Public Outreach Department, said, “We are thrilled to have Digistar in our facility at ESO. Digistar was selected for our planetarium theater as the development platform for our Data2Dome initiative because of its superior ease of use and ability to get imagery on the dome quickly and easily. The Digistar Cloud will enable us to distribute data to the largest customer base in the industry in a convenient, efficient manner.”

Kirk Johnson, E&S Vice President & General Manager, said, “We are honored to be selected by ESO for this exciting project. E&S understands the importance of getting the latest imagery and astronomical data to our customers so they can share it with their audiences. The Data2Dome initiative accomplishes this in an unprecedented manner. Our partnership with ESO enables our customers to share in their groundbreaking research.”

While the ESO Supernova Planetarium is not set to open until late in 2017, work with Digistar on the Data2Dome initiative and upload of data to the Digistar Cloud Library has already begun.