June 20, 2016 — Evans & Sutherland (E&S) is pleased to welcome Mr. Robin Sip to E&S. Robin is an award winning Director and Writer of the best-selling fulldome productions Dawn of the Space Age, Natural Selection, and Dinosaurs at Dusk.

Effective immediately, Robin will join the E&S team, on a full time basis, as Director of Show Production & Content. Robin will direct the E&S show and content production business working closely with Terence Murtagh and Michael Daut.

“Robin joins the E&S team at a pivotal time in the fulldome content market. As fulldome content shifts from mostly CG generated scenes and models to much more real-world fulldome video and imagery, Robin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the E&S Content team. We are excited that Robin has decided to join us”, said Kirk D. Johnson, Vice President & General Manager, E&S.

“The relationship with E&S goes back to my time as an intern at E&S in the early 1990s working with Digistar I. This experience launched my career in the computer graphics industry. I have always had the desire to return to work with the E&S team who have pioneered the computer graphics industry and so many of the technologies and innovations in the planetarium and fulldome industry. I look forward to working with their dedicated team of experts. I think that together we can continue to push the limits of fulldome content creation and hopefully reach the next level of storytelling and realism in Immersive Filmmaking,” said Robin Sip.

E&S is also pleased to announce that the MARS 1001: A Thousand Day Trip to Mars, will be the first E&S production written & directed by Robin. Filming for this groundbreaking production will take place both at E&S Headquarters in Salt Lake City and also at the Mirage3D Studio in The Hague, The Netherlands.