Łódz, Poland


  • Six (6) Sony VLPGT100 Projectors
  • Auto Alignment & Auto Blending Systems
  •  8K Resolution
  • 14m NanoSeam Dome
  • 100 Seats

Łódz – At EC1 Lodz City of Culture, there is a new 8K Digistar 5 devoted to astronomy education. This is the first of two Digistar 5 installations at EC1 Lodz, Poland. A second dome theater featuring a Digistar 5 system in 3D is installing now. The new 8K Digistar 5 system drives 6 Sony projectors to produce one seamless image on the dome with resolution never before enjoyed at a planetarium in Poland. The new planetarium seats 110 guests its 14 meter dome. The planetarium provides lessons and educational instruction for students at every age level in the local community and in nearby cities. Local teachers are able to schedule class visits to the planetarium in advance, maximizing the impact of classroom lessons before and after the field trip.

The EC1 team uses Digistar 5 to create a monthly “Night Sky over Lodz, Poland” real-time show to highlight current astronomical happenings and constellations visible in the night sky. In addition to these real-time astronomy shows, the planetarium also screens prerendered fulldome shows. The 8K planetarium dome environment is available for private events, including artistic presentations and receptions. These events combine music and imagery on the dome, and are a new avenue for the EC1 team to create revenue and innovative material for their planetarium using Digistar 5’s production capabilities.

Tomasz Kisiel, Head of EC1 Planetarium: “What we really love about Digistar (amongst so many other features) is the ability to create custom control panel pages. These control panels give us great flexibility with shows for special occasions and private events. Even special guests are able to use the iPad to progress the show without prior Digistar training.”