8K Digital Dome Systems For Giant Screen Film Replacement

E&S is the world-leader in replacing 15/70 film systems in domes with digital projection systems offering resolutions up to True8K. To date, E&S has converted five film dome theaters to Digistar and has the system-engineering experience and proven technology to create a digital dome cinema system for your theater.

The Difference is Digistar

  • DIGSS compliant systems
  • "8K" and True8K™ resolution
  • 3 - 10 projector systems
  • E&S proprietary auto alignment and auto blending
  • E&S proprietary TrueSync™ to synchronize system playback
  • Stereo 3D capable
  • Theater design services
  • Cove lighting and theatrical lighting systems
  • 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos audio systems
  • Lamp-based and laser-illuminated projector options
  • Brightness over 3 fL
  • Playback up to 120 FPS
  • 15/70 film systems replaced worldwide
  • Largest digital dome install base
  • NanoSeam™ dome technology
  • Large library of giant screen films converted to dome
  • Extensive real-time capabilities and robust digital planetarium functionality