Evans & Sutherland ESX™ systems are designed for the needs of the most demanding Giant Dome theaters. ESX projection provides uncompromised resolutions with configurations from two projectors up to ten-projector display systems for True8K™ resolution and beyond. E&S Auto Alignment and Auto Blending offers the most sophisticated image correction possible, giving you perfectly seamless imagery and precise geometry in partial and full-dome displays.

ESX is the only Giant Screen Cinema system with interactive simulation and access to real-time data for diverse multi-subject education and entertainment. For decades, Evans & Sutherland has been the industry leader in computer simulation, bringing a universe of flexible presentation options to your dome.

"my jaw hit the floor... among the best images I've ever seen. Film has finally and decisively been surpassed"

Howard George, Michigan Science Center

ESX Giant Dome Systems

  • 2 – 10 Projector Systems
  • Industry-Best Auto Alignment and Blending
  • True8K Resolution
  • Laser Illuminated Projection
  • Up to 120 Frames Per Second
  • Library of Giant Screen Shows

ESXLive Real-Time Visualization

  • User-Friendly Multimedia Show Builder
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Astronomy Data
  • Cloud Library with 100s of Visualizations
  • STEAM Educational Interactives
  • Earth Maps, Topography, KML, and Terrain Data
  • Weather Simulation
  • Domecast Connectivity Among Sites
  • Unity Environments and Gaming