Evans & Sutherland ESX™ systems are designed for the needs of the most demanding Giant Dome theaters. ESX projection provides uncompromised resolutions with configurations from two projectors up to ten-projector display systems for True8K™ resolution and beyond.

E&S Auto Alignment and Auto Blending offers the most sophisticated image correction possible, giving you perfectly seamless imagery and precise geometry in partial and full-dome displays.

ESX is the only Giant Screen Cinema system with interactive simulation and access to real-time data for diverse multi-subject education and entertainment.

For decades, Evans & Sutherland has been the industry leader in computer simulation, bringing a universe of flexible presentation options to your dome.

ESX Giant Dome Systems

  • 2 – 10 Projector Systems
  • Industry-Best Auto Alignment and Blending
  • True8K Resolution
  • Laser Illuminated Projection
  • Up to 120 Frames Per Second
  • Library of Giant Screen Shows

ESXLive Real-Time Visualization

  • User-Friendly Multimedia Show Builder
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Astronomy Data
  • Cloud Library with 100s of Visualizations
  • STEAM Educational Interactives
  • Earth Maps, Topography, KML, and Terrain Data
  • Weather Simulation
  • Domecast Connectivity Among Sites
  • Unity Environments and Gaming

ESX Giant Dome Cinema system installed at Omniversum, The Hague

ESX theater interior at Omniversum